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MGM's Lawsuit: Legal Experts Share Insights on the Controversial Case

MGM Resorts is exercising due diligence, but what will it mean for the future of hotel responsibility?

State of Emergency Declared in Pacific Northwest, With Fast-Moving Fires Portending a Dangerous Season

One death has been recorded as a result of a blaze burning 80 miles east of Portland, Ore.

National Parks Get Fewer Visits When Air Pollution Rises

A new study shows visitor levels drop by almost 2 percent when ozone levels go up even slightly.

GBTA: More Than Half of Companies Book Simple Meetings Through Unmanaged Channels

New research attempts to shed light on the number of smaller meetings that aren't accounted for.

Decoding Body Language: 9 Clear Signs That Someone Is Lying

Persuasion expert Traci Brown reveals the subconscious actions that are red flags for deceit.
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Give Your Attendees the Paddle

Everyone pulls together with this group activity.
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