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Flash Dance

by Lisa A. Grimaldi | August 26,2016
Kick off your event with crowd choreography.

Spreading Blooms

These flowers fill space and save dollars.
Business Travel

Creature Feature

This accessory makes luggage easy to spot.

Eye Pod

This travel accessory lets you snooze in peace.

Web University

These free online classes can help you move up the ladder.

Smart Sounds

Let the power of music refocus your attention.

Lifting Spirits

This team-building activity delivers smiles to sick children.

Cultivating Team Spirit

Celebrating spring (2 of 5): This group activity beautifies neighborhoods.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Gift of Giving

This five-minute CSR program makes attendee participation convenient.

VIDEO: Take Paws

This creative meeting break will have attendees barking for more.

Watch a Pattern Unfold

This eye-catching décor idea is on-trend.

Wild and Woodsy

This inventive décor idea adds a back-to-nature feel.

Your Own Private Paparazzi

This incentive add-on delivers lasting memories.

Audio Guest Book

Let attendees "phone it in" with this fun party prop.
Food and Beverage

Boozy Berries

This cocktail is summertime in a glass.

Go Stir Crazy!

This gift elevates any cocktail.

Umbrellas That Toot Your Horn

Your brand will be all wet, but not your attendees.

Creature Feature

This accessory makes luggage easy to spot.
Green Meetings

P.C. Picnics

Sustainable party supplies are a smart alternative for catering needs.

Trays From Trees

Celebrating spring (4 of 5): This tableware puts eco-friendliness on a platter.
Guest Meetings

Family Affairs

Does your summertime conference meet with chronically low attendance? Next year, try this.

Tailored Incentive

This reward will "suit" your winners.

Cycle Camp

Consider this sporty gift for your organization's top "climbers."

How Convenient: Half-Day Room Rates

Book a hotel room for just a morning or afternoon.

Easy Find

Book a boardroom at the last minute with this Expedia of event spaces.

Savvy Scanner

This time-saving app is great for trade shows and networking events.

Flash Dance

Kick off your event with crowd choreography.

Toss Your Beans

This simple game can be enjoyed by everyone in your group.
Social Networking

Brighter Snaps

This app makes dim, blurry low-light photos a thing of the past.

Silent Disco

Keep the volume low but the energy high with this hot party trend.

Star Sessions

This firm brings top-name celebrities to your events.

App Class

Help attendees break down the tech barrier with this savvy speaker.
Special Events

Star Sessions

This firm brings top-name celebrities to your events.

Farm and Fork

Bring the outside in with this green event theme.

Hop to It

Is D-Day for your event nearing? Hire extra hands to help tackle your to-do list.
Team Building

Literal Team Building

This group activity leads to a "towering" achievement.

Cook Up Some Fun

Give groups a lively, delicious activity via hands-on culinary lessons.

Emergency Power - and Kindling

Go woodsy with this rugged power adapter.

Selfie Studio Kit

This 4-in-1 phone accessory case makes taking selfies effortless.

Pop-Up French Market

Transport your attendees with this chic continental theme.

When Cold Becomes Cool

This icy theme can perk up a midwinter meeting.
Third Parties

Temporary Tattoos

Attendees will enjoy wearing these funky washable ink "photos."
Trade Shows

Sustainable Drinking

Trade Show Giveaways (4 of 4): These eco-friendly coasters are stylish and practical.

A Selfie Stick That Promotes You

Trade Show Giveaways (3 of 4): Attach your logo to attendees' self-indulgence.

Uber for Groups

Give attendees a ticket to ride with this special promotion.

Are We There Yet?

In-transit attendees will love this special perk.

Child-Friendly State Guides

Bringing the family to your meeting? These books will spark kids' excitement.

Smart Toothbrush

This gift will help recipients keep those pearly whites gleaming.


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