by Simon Bailey | July 27, 2015

Simon T. BaileyWe have now entered into the Brilliance Age, during which a culture of invention is created by the individual imagination. In this transformative period in history, people across the planet are opting out of the stale pockets of conformity and transitioning to greener pastures of divergent living.

Those with discerning eyes and sensitive ears are decoding and deciphering nanosecond bytes of information that are being communicated from "the capital" (Hunger Games)and choosing either to save it to their mind and heart-drive or delete it from their system.

The Brilliance Age is about the end of doing more of the same and leaving an imprint instead of making an impression. It's hacking your way into the future while discovering your spark. The presence or absence of spark in your life can make or break the creation of something special.

Where there is no spark, there is no joy. Where there is no joy, there is no hope; and where there is no hope, there is no passion. Without passion, a job is just a job. A marriage is just two roommates sleeping in the same bed, sharing bills while living under the same roof. A business is simply something to do instead of something that makes a difference in the world. But when you find your spark, you find your joy, and when you find your joy, you find freedom. And when you find freedom, you find your chutzpah.

So, as you head into the Brilliance Age here are three tips for you:

1. Be a hacker. Unleash your inner CSI (crime scene investigation) persona to ask the deeper questions, see what is not obvious to the natural eye and analyze every piece of data until it makes sense. Then, and only then, will a hacker begin to write the narrative of what can happen.

Be curious, be hungry and be unreasonable in your quest to solve problems and find solutions. Read books and ask yourself what the implications are for your life and business, and type your thoughts on electronic post-it notes (iBookstore readers, you know what I am talking about).

Hacking your way into the future is moving beyond "why" to "how" you can positively influence your situation, even in what may seemingly be a "hot mess."

2. Embrace micro learning. is the Netflix for business. It provides microcontent in five-minute increments. If you want to create stickiness with your attendees before and after your event, create a platform to continue the conversation after your conference meeting.

3. #ConnectwithLove. We now live in a connection economy, so a company's ability to connect with love is driving transactions and creating customer relationships that align heads, hearts and hands for a lifetime.

Connection is a movement evident by the fact that buying decisions are no longer driven by advertisements but by the customer reviews we read. It's become less about what companies say and much more about how they make customers feel. In other words, it's about how well they connect with love.

Today's customer wants to make educated buying decisions, demands two-way communication and, most importantly, wants to feel like a part of the business they are aligning themselves and their money with. The bottom line is that during the sales and service cycle, customers want to be respected and loved as equal partners.

I introduce these ideas to start a conversation. Welcome to the Brilliance Age. It's going to be epic.

Simon T. Bailey teaches organizations how to grow their most important asset -- people. The author of Shift Your Brilliance, he recently was recognized as one of the top 10 Most Booked Speakers in the United States. He has spoken for AT&T, IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft and Toyota. Bailey is a keynote speaker sponsored by the Goodman Speakers Bureau for the upcoming M&C Interact meeting in New Orleans, Aug. 30-Sept. 2. For more information or to apply for this hosted-buyer event, click here.