by Rob Fletcher | May 18, 2016

"One thing I remember is he didn't serve cocktails, so in lieu of cocktails he served little Cap'n Crunch cereal boxes. I thought that was the coolest thing." – Trey Anastasio (guitarist, composer and member of the rock band Phish) on attending a party given by Prince in 1996 to celebrate his album Emancipation.

I'm sure some clickbait sites like The Huffington Post got busy with how "weird" that was to serve Cap'n Crunch at a party. Let's try other words for it: creative, playful, memorable…and Anastasio's word, cool.

You know you're onto something if someone thinks what you're up to or about to do is not a good idea, while someone else gets excited about it. Innovation combined with your own personal style in action is like a snow plow, sending people to one side (criticism/fear) or the other (excitement). Your own crazy ideas will send you one way or the other, and sometimes in both directions simultaneously.

That's great! Now you know you're onto something. Beware of playing it safe and mass indifference.

Rob Fletcher is a consultant, author, speaker and coach for a wide variety of corporations and organizations. He is the founder of Quixote Consulting.