by Eric Saperston | September 21, 2016

saperstonMy wish is for everyone to not let fear guide their choices and lives. The unknown is not a comfortable space to be in, but it is the place where the magic happens. When fear stops controlling your actions and you let go, that’s when possibilities that you didn’t even know existed arise, when they couldn’t have possibly done so if you had just played it safe.

Saying yes to the unknown is how I became a successful filmmaker, author and keynote speaker. If I had chosen to go into a career rather than an adventure, or given up when the road got rocky throughout my journey, none of this would have happened, and I would not be sharing stories from what has become a lifelong commitment to seek out wisdom from the most extraordinary minds, leaders and visionaries on our planet.

The following are few key takeaways from my experience interviewing more than 400 very special individuals, from actor Peter Fonda to architect John Portman.

Extraordinary people...

1. Are resourceful, take 100 percent responsibility for their actions, live in the solution and treat life as an adventure
2. Have the courage to speak their possibility into the world
3. Have the humility to ask others for help
4. Embrace the unknown with a sense of wonder, excitement and an openness to learning
5. Do excellently whatever it is they are doing
6. Take the time to define what’s important to them, so they know what success looks like and celebrate when they have succeeded
7. Nurture themselves first, so they have even more to give to others’ successes

Remember: Magic happens in the unknown, and possibilities are coming that you don’t even know exist yet. Listen to your call to adventure, go forth and do great things!

Eric Saperston recently gave a presentation on “What It Takes to Be Extraordinary” at Destination Hawaii, the Northstar Meetings Group (parent of M&C) hosted-buyer event held in Maui. He can be contacted through the Goodman Speakers Bureau.