by Bill Wooditch | April 21, 2017

Bill WooditchSuccess in the business world — and every other aspect of life — starts with self-knowledge and a mindset open to all possibilities. Here are some tips for raising your consciousness — to live “in the moment” and cultivate a firm sense of purpose to guide you to achieving your most cherished goals.

1. Learn to master yourself. It takes work — you will be your most formidable opponent. But know this: Your emotional bandwidth is what people see and feel. Cultivate a positive mindset. Practice restraint, choose to act instead of react, but when you absolutely, positively have to react, make sure you pause for thought before you lash out in reflex.

2. Build habits that create success. Small accomplishments, every day, are the lynchpin of large-scale achievement. Habits are a three-way loop: cue, routine and reward. Repeat!

3. Work with a clear sense of personal purpose. Life comes with distractions — don’t let a distraction alter the course of your destination. Be clear with your thoughts, keep your goals on the top of your mind and make every action a march toward your objective. 

4. Go beyond motivation. Motivation can be the impetus to distance you from a present or past pain or fear. The motivated move toward an external reward or condition.

5. Let inspiration fuel your fire. It’s your why — it’s the joy you find in the creation and the reward you experience in the pursuit of those things that mean something to you.

6. Be consistent. Consistency creates an expectation of an experience. Consistent experience can establish a baseline of earned trust.

7. Truth is the essential element. Truth forges and lubricates all relationships. Remember your Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true.” The great Bard of Avon might have been informed through the teaching of Socrates, “Know thyself.” Learn and act in concert with the knowledge of self. Be yourself, and act consistent with what and who you are.

8. Honesty is disarming. Authenticity is a force-multiplier in a relationship. Alignment of action with belief and word is a key to happiness. Extend your efforts beyond the dictates, mandates, boundaries and constructs of your job, profession or career.

9. Embody vibrancy and passion from the pursuit of an obligation that nourishes your spirit. Find the flint, create the spark, fan the flame and get engaged in life!

10. Maximize your strengths. Be careful not to inhabit a prison of your own design. Believe in yourself. Be willing to learn.

11. Champion or victim: It’s your choice to make. You will live the life you work to create. Make yours a life of choice by design.

12. Choose freedom and earn the right to find happiness in both the pursuit and the goal. As the character William Wallace declared in the movie Braveheart, “Every man dies; not every man truly lives.”

13. Work for your freedom. Make the time to break away from the madness, the deadlines, the rush to achieve and the anarchy of unscripted uncertainty, and just exhale. Do whatever it is you do that creates a state of relaxation. When you bounce back, you’ll find the “zone of flow” will best respond to the refreshed and ready mind.

14. Put yourself in play. Immerse yourself in this game of life. I remain that kid on the playgrounds of Pennsylvania. To me, the game of business is a game worth playing; each day, I make a diligent attempt to play it well. 

15. Take the lead. Choose not to focus on the competition, reacting to their moves. Always take the initiative and play the game your way. If your competition’s offer is superior to yours, or maybe you’re just outmaneuvered, out-fought or out-thought, it happens to all of us at some point. Bounce back wiser, tougher and better!

16. Become your toughest competitor. Do your own pull-ups and push-ups. Manage the effort to realize your expected result. Bring your best game every day. Don't leave anything on the field.

17. Take bold steps. What you do today will influence what happens tomorrow. Dare to embrace chance and change. The choice is yours.

 A recognized authority on leadership and performance, Bill Wooditch is the CEO and president of the Wooditch Group, a privately held risk-management and insurance-services firm. He also is the founder of Think Next, Act Now, a company that actively recruits, trains and mentors tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Wooditch will be keynote presenter, sponsored by Goodman Speakers Bureau for the upcoming Destination California event, May 15-18 in Los Angeles. For information or to apply as a hosted buyer, head here