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2018-10-25 7 Ways to Budget for the Unpredictable in 2019
2018-09-26 M&C's 2018 Salary Survey Show Good News — and One Caveat
2018-08-30 Is the 30-Minute Education Session the New Norm?
2018-07-30 Will CCPA Have the Same Impact for Events as GDPR?
2018-06-13 Update on the Status of Privacy Shield in the Age of GDPR
2018-05-22 Best Practice Tip: Include This Duty-of-Care Global Forecast in Your 2019 Forecasting
2018-05-10 Do We Make Too Many Assumptions About Safety?
2018-04-04 2017 Most Stressful Jobs List Has Event Coordinators at No. 5
2018-03-08 GBTA Releases Updated SMMP Diagram
2018-02-15 Should GDPR be Rebranded as GDDPR (General Denial of Data Protection Regulation)?
2018-01-26 4 Steps to Take in the Wake of Marriott's Commission Reduction for Third Parties
2017-12-20 7 Major Trends Poised to Rattle the Meetings Industry in 2018
2017-12-19 3 Myths About Working With Procurement
2017-11-06 How Will GDPR Impact Event Planners, Their Suppliers and Event Attendees?
2017-10-27 Why May 25, 2018, Will Be a Game Changer
2017-10-06 Are You Capturing the Value of Small Meetings?
2017-09-11 Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Network
2017-08-24 8 Pet Peeves and Pointers for Working With Speakers
2017-08-03 Why Sales Professionals Need to Attend Education Sessions
2017-07-07 Why You Need to Be Aware of GDPR
2017-05-30 Is a Mandated Policy Really Nirvana?
2017-04-17 RFP, RFI, RFQ — Why Suppliers Are Opting Out of the Bid Process (Part 2)
2017-04-12 RFP, RFI, RFQ – What’s the Difference? (Part 1)
2017-03-22 Using the Correct Terminology for Meetings and Events Technology
2017-03-07 Fight Back Against Data Hackers
2017-02-13 Small Meetings Technology -- Where's the Adoption?
2017-02-07 We As an Industry Have a Voice in This Democracy
2017-01-25 Hope Is Not a Strategy When It Comes to Industry Consolidation
2017-01-03 My Top Trend Predictions for 2017
2016-11-28 It's Time to Read the Fine Print on Data Security
2016-11-14 Finally, a Ground Transportation Technology Innovation
2016-10-27 Polishing Your Personal Brand
2016-10-18 Planner and Travel Manager Salary Surveys Show Key Differences
2016-10-10 Meetings and Event Organizers Say Politics Do Play a Role in Site Selection
2016-09-28 We Must Pay More Attention to Duty of Care
2016-09-15 How Social Media Has Changed the Client-Supplier Relationship
2016-09-06 A Dozen Ways to Cut Meeting Costs
2016-08-15 Goodbye Safe Harbor, Hello Privacy Shield
2016-08-02 New ‘Delta Edge Meetings' Shows Promise for Travel and Meeting Planners
2016-07-01 Do Corporate Standards of Business Conduct Apply to Planners?
2016-06-20 Industry Consolidation Keeps Program Leaders Guessing
2016-06-10 New IAPCO Findings Shed Light on Impact of Sharing Economy


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