by Michael Shapiro | April 1, 2010

Mobile applications are a huge topic of discussion in our industry today. With a rapidly increasing number of destinations, venues and conferences releasing their own apps, it wasn't surprising that a couple of weeks ago the first app-specific, vendor-neutral development conference was announced. APPCON 2010 will take place Aug. 24 to 26 in Las Vegas, and several days ago the session lineup was posted. More than 40 educational sessions are divided into three different tracks: app development, IT integration and the business of apps. Whether or not you're intimately involved in the technical development or marketing strategy of apps, it should be interesting to keep tabs on what's discussed at APPCON. Conference organizers have been brainstorming for some time the best ways to reach attendees through mobile devices before, during and after the shows. I thought that MPI's MeetDifferent iPhone app for the February conference in Cancún was tremendously useful, and I consulted it regularly to check the schedule and event info, and as a link to the Pathable platform used for scheduling and discussions. The topic of app development will only get bigger; as I write this now we're days away from the release of Apple's first iPad. The larger display offered by such tablets will open up a whole new world of possibilities for conference-related apps. Two sessions devoted to iPad development -- one beginner, one advanced -- will be offered at APPCON. See for more details about the show.