by Michael Shapiro | June 23, 2010

A new meetings management application, ootoWeb, is based on the principal that mobile, anytime access to meeting information is one of the most important features for planners. Not only does the application itself reside online, it's optimized for access from mobile devices, the iPhone in particular. And this week the company announced new apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
It's an interesting approach, as it truly acknowledges the industry's increasing (and logical) emphasis on mobile accessibility. Rather than adding mobile functionality to an existing platform, ootoWeb was designed with this kind of portability in mind, by the team that developed seeUthere Technologies and OnVantage. The company's odd-looking name stands for "out of the office." The ootoWeb team also emphasizes the company's flexibility and ability to respond quickly to planner requests by adding features to the online application.
Functionality offered by ootoWeb includes attendee registration, event website design and management, online payments, multi-currency and language support, and real-time updates and reporting with respect to all aspects of registration and housing, among a variety of other features. Mobile registration functionality is optimized for attendees as well, to complete registration through their iPhones. The iPad app, for its part, is touted as a potential replacement for the planner binder. By providing full-size display and access to all important meeting documents (which, of course, have been uploaded to one's ootoWeb account in advance), ootoWeb promises "paperless planning" -- or at least the potential to do so.
The application is $49 per user, per month, for up to 200 registrants per meeting -- with no limits on the number of meetings. The company is targeting both high-level and occasional planners, claiming the application's flexibility and scalability allows it to be used for meetings of any size -- and alongside another management tool, if need be. Can it really be all things to all people? A 30-day free trial is available for any planners who'd like to find out.