by Michael Shapiro | August 30, 2010

Consider this a public service announcement for the technology entrepreneurs among us: The deadline for entries to the EIBTM 2010 Worldwide Technology Watch is fast approaching, as in one week from today. You'll have to fill out the official online form by September 3 to be considered.
The WWTW is open to anyone who has developed a new technology product or service for the meetings and incentives industry. The winner gets to present the product at this year's EIBTM, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2 in Barcelona, Spain, as well as have a free booth in the show's Technology Village exhibit area.
The fact that EIBTM takes place in Barcelona should be motivation enough, if you ask me. But the ensuing glory of winning is more than just about personally introducing your technology to the European marketplace. In the past, EIBTM's Technology Village along with the technology track of the show's seminars have been an impressive showcase of innovative ideas and stimulating discussion. Last year's Watch winner was Pathable, the online community and social network for events (used at several MPI shows); the previous year's was MeetingMetrics, an advanced software package for measuring event ROI, now being used by several industry associations. The judges typically do an insightful job of highlighting products that are both innovative and have practical application potential in the industry.
Pathable CEO Jordan Schwartz says that last year's event, in addition to being his company's grand debut to the European marketplace, had direct effects on the bottom line. "There's a bushel of business and partnerships that we closed because of the exposure it gave us," he says. Not to mention the celebrity status one receives on the "previous winners" page for years to come.