by Michael Shapiro | December 3, 2010

I just wrapped up a fairly unscientific poll of my Internet usage, and it seems that about 88 percent of the sites I visit have an ad for Scottevest. You know, the folks who make the jackets, shirts and pants with so many hidden pockets for your gadgets that you needn't even travel with carry-on luggage? Is this just because a large percentage of the sites I visit relate in some way to travel and/or technology, or do these guys actually have a grant to advertise on most of the web? Just curious. I'm also curious whether anyone out there travels with this garb. I haven't, but it's awfully tempting, despite my previous experience with outerwear for gadget-toting travelers. A company called Vezzeo once sent me a travel vest for review, which I intended to try out for a trip to the NBTA convention, fashion be damned. I loaded up all the pockets with the items they suggested, stood up and felt a dangerous twinge in my lower back. The vest didn't make it to NBTA -- mostly on account of my back, but the derisive laughter from my wife and her family about my appearance didn't help.

Meanwhile, the currently ubiquitous Scottevest is making a tailored sport coat, of all things, with 24 pockets, including one for an iPad. So if anyone out there gets some of this wearable gear for the holidays (they make women's clothing too) and plans to try it out for, say, a trip to Vegas for January's PCMA meeting, let me know. Granted, such a meeting will likely require we pack carry-on bags in addition to a 33-pocket trench coat. But I'm still curious about just how ergonomic a solution this is.

It's funny, this appeal that a 20- to 30-pocket piece out of outerwear has; the fact that so much development these days is around mobile technology means that for many travel professionals, there are actually more gadgets to carry. There's some irony to that, even if now you can supposedly fit them all in your jacket.

Speaking of irony, a once-monstrous technology convention that debuted many a new gadget and made many a tech geek travel far has just recently wrapped up a revival -- as a purely virtual event for IT professionals. No travel gadgets or tech jackets were required for COMDEXvirtual, a two-day event that took place online Nov. 17 and 18. COMDEX was the CES of the '90s, at its height drawing a couple hundred thousand attendees, many of them consumers. The new virtual event showcased about 100 speakers and products from nearly 30 exhibitors, and drew almost 5,000 attendees over the two days it ran live. The producers of the new show, Everything Channel and United Business Media, are calling the event the largest independent virtual show to date in the IT industry. For your reference, the exhibitor booths, keynote, vendor and content track sessions will be available on demand until May 17, 2011, from the comfort of your desk... or Internet-enabled mobile device.