by Michael Shapiro | May 6, 2011

ON24, a San Francisco-based company that offers webcasting and virtual show platforms, broadened its offerings yesterday with the debut of the ON24 Event Portal. The new portal essentially is a packaged solution for putting a face-to-face show's content online and making it easily accessible after the actual event.

Primary features include an online directory, which can list hundreds of archived sessions that are accessible via keyword search and can be sorted according to category or browsed. The keyword search functions across webcast titles, summaries, slide content, slide notes and even a transcript, if you've created one. I checked out a demo page online, and the search appeared to be robust and very fast. The portal also offers mobile access, so all of the content, including archived webcasts, can be viewed from a mobile device. A content-management system provides self-service access to managing the site, and a reporting system can break down stats on attendee views and downloads.

Of particular interest to those investigating hybrid event options is the way in which Event Portal can be integrated with ON24's virtual tools -- Virtual Show and its Platform 10 webcasting solution. In that respect, the new portal rounds out ON24's hybrid event package. The tool is now live and ready for use.