by Allen J. Sheinman | August 27, 2013

The folks at Bizzabo, who produce a mobile networking app for conferences, have combed their data from more than 3,000 events to boil down the mass of humanity that attended same into 10 basic classifications. See where you fall:

1. The Job Seeker.   These folks are "in-between opportunities" or perhaps self-employed, and very open to a new job situation.

2. The Entrepreneur.   They prowl the show floor in "their cool startup T-shirts" looking for investors.

3. The Salesperson. "Ready to pitch you in every way possible" and trolling for "Facebook likes."

4. The Suit. "They were born wearing a 3-piece" and wince at the sight of boy-wonder company honchos wearing sandals.

5. The Model Who's Paid to Be There.   "They're not really sure of how to say the company name, but you are too busy staring at them to listen."

6. The Social Media Addict. "They haven't looked up from their phone since they've gotten here."

7. The Keynote Speaker.  "They are the guru of this and the ninja of that, and gosh darn, do they know it."

8. The Stressed-Out Guy.  "They are perpetually late to the next session/speaker/networking hour."

9. The Event Organizer.  "…the puppet master behind this whole affair, they are probably too busy to talk with you, but they really want you to be satisfied."

10. The Sponsor. "You are already wearing their logo, whether you realize it or not."

Source: Bizzabo