by Allen J. Sheinman | October 11, 2013

Here are just some of the effects of the partial government shutdown, as tallied by The Huffington Post:

Alabama: The Cheaha Regional Head Start in Talladega was closed.
California: 1,282 marines were furloughed at the Marine Air Ground Task Force Combat Center
Colorado: At least 5,000 federal workers at research labs around the state were furloughed.
Connecticut: 13 Head Start programs that serve 320 children in Bridgeport were shut down.
Delaware: 500 civilian employees were furloughed at Dover Air Force Base.
Florida: More than 7,000 workers, mostly from NASA and the Defense industry, were furloughed.
Georgia: 75 percent of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 13,000 workers were furloughed.
Idaho: 50 percent of the state's national Guard's civilian workers, some 850 men and women, were furloughed.
Indiana: The Hoosier National Forest closed campgrounds and furloughed 45 staffers.
Kansas: More than 300 civilian employees were out of work at McConnell air Force Base.
Michigan: State officials estimated that the shutdown would cost them $18 million a day.
Minnesota: The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Center shut its gates.
Montana: Glacier and Yellowstone national parks were closed to visitors.
North Carolina: 337 employees of the state's Department of Health and Human Services were told not to come to work.
North Dakota: 430 employees of the North Dakota National Guard were furloughed.
Ohio: More than 1,800 Ohio National Guard employees and 8,700 air base workers were put on unpaid leave.
Oklahoma: Some 2,900 of 14,000 civilian employees at tinker Air Force Base were furloughed.
Pennsylvania: Gettysburg National Military Park was closed, including the historic battlefield.
Rhode Island: 300 out of 425 civilians workers at the Rhode Island National Guard were furloughed.
South Carolina: Some 1,200 federal technicians for the South Carolina National Guard were furloughed.
Texas: Both the George W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson presidential libraries were closed.
Utah: Half of the state's national guard full-time workers were furloughed.
Vermont: The U.S. Forest Service in Rutland was closed.
Virginia: Some 3,600 employees at the Navy shipyard in Norfolk were furloughed.

Source: The Huffington Post,