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Ramping Up Group Experiences in Shreveport-Bossier

Shreveport Bossier may boast a blend of Texas and Louisiana culture, but there is no doubt that the area has carved out a distinctive identity of its own.

The Latest in Employee Retention Strategies

Change is both exhilarating and terrifying for most people, and the same holds true for associations. In these times, when the pace of change is accelerating, it can frequently cause significant stress

Taking Stock of the Trade-Show Industry

In the United States, trade shows are visited by 32.5 million attendees, attract 1.3 million exhibiting companies and generate $9.4 billion in gross revenue, according to the Center for Exhibition

Reaping the Benefits of Holistic Learning

There’s no question that associations see the value of online learning, but are they embracing it to its fullest potential? Yes and no. According to Association Learning + Technology 2016, an annual

Budgeting for Growth

What do you suppose might happen if your association intentionally diversified its membership to provide a hedge against financial crises? What if project management was required for every new product

Utilizing New Management Tools for HumanResources

For most of us, hiring tops the list of human-resource challenges. No matter how skilled you may be, the outcome is virtually impossible to predict. And with all of the cultural and demographic shifts

Southern States 2015

From superlative sporting scenes to unparalleled musical heritage sites, there are hundreds of winning ways to welcome attendees to Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. The legacies of these states can be translated into group events that go above and beyond the expected.

Southern States

Natural beauty has drawn visitors to the South since Daniel Boone blazed a trail through the Kentucky wilderness in 1775. Today, the region’s penchant for green space makes for inspired gatherings amid the rolling bluegrass of Kentucky, the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee or the hot springs of ...

Revitalizing Your Association’s Certificate Programs

Everyone enjoys the revitalization that comes with spring cleaning. As association leaders, this is a good time to start your own cleanup by reviewing your certification programs and keeping in mind the

Meritor is Latest Company to Endorse Airbnb Stays for Meetings and Travel

A curated collection of "business-travel ready" properties narrows an inventory of 3 million to 200,000 properties worldwide.

The Hotel Insider | Meet a Very Special Hotel General Manager

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Is Your Job Title Wrong?

Many event professionals feel that the term "meeting planner" is too simplistic -- but what should take its place?

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