by Michael J. Shapiro | January 01, 2017

Local Update

 Plans are afoot at Disneyland to build a new luxury hotel at the resort, a 700-room property that will be the first new on-site lodging in nearly two decades. The hotel, which will be constructed at the north end of the Downtown Disney parking lot, will offer two pools, a fitness center and a kid's play area, as well as a rooftop restaurant overlooking the theme park. Disney intends to begin construction in 2018 and open the hotel in 2021.

 A 466-room JW Marriott will be built next to the Anaheim Garden-Walk in the Resort District. The 12-story, $150 million project, the first luxury hotel in the city that isn't on Disneyland property, will be within walking distance of Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center. There will be meeting space on-site, but details and a timeline are not yet available.

 Thanks to an Anaheim subsidy designed to lure luxury hotel development, two other high-end projects are in the works. An as yet unbranded, 580-room luxury hotel will replace the Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites on Harbor Boulevard. The $208 million property will have two signature restaurants and 50,000 square feet of meeting space, as well as a lounge that overlooks the Disneyland resort. The other hotel, a $225 million, 630-room property, will be built next to the Anaheim Convention Center to replace the Anabella Hotel. 

 A $190 million, 450,000-square-foot expansion is in the works at the Anaheim Convention Center, which already is the largest convention center on the West Coast. The new wing will add 200,000 square feet of meeting space to the 1.6 million-square-foot facility. The addition is slated to open on schedule in September 2017 and already is being booked for conventions as early as November 2017.

 A mixed-use project known as the LT Platinum Center has been approved for development on a 15-acre site next to Angel Stadium. Components of the $450 million project include a 30-story residential tower, a hotel, an outdoor entertainment center, retail space and office space. The facility is expected to open for business in 2022.