by Michael J. Shapiro | May 07, 2020

The electric excitement coming from Michigan Stadium on game day is an event to remember, whether or not you're a sports fan or affiliated with the university. With a capacity of 107,601, the Big House, as it is affectionately known, is the largest stadium in the nation and the third-biggest worldwide. See a game, plan an event or just book a tour

More Than a Delicatessen

Mention this college town to any University of Michigan alumnus -- or really, anyone who has been here -- and it won't be long before talk turns to Zingerman's. An obligatory stop, the original deli serves exquisite NYC-style sandwiches and sells an extensive selection of specialty foods. Now a local food empire, Zingerman's also produces candy, coffee, cheese and more. 


An intimate music venue downtown, the 400-seat Ark showcases both established and upcoming musicians, with an emphasis on folk- and country-tinged roots music. It's a tremendous opportunity to see acclaimed performers up close and personal.

Surrounded by Science

Surrounded by science. The University's Museum of Natural History reopened last year in a brand-new building, offering an interactive, immersive experience across multiple floors -- from the prehistoric mastadon couple at the entry to the star-studded planetarium and dome theater.

Sip Local

Grab a locally produced coffee, tea or beer from the café at the Argus Farm Stop and pick up some farm-to-store goods afterwards. Everything here is sold on consignment for local farmers, bakers, beekeepers and the like, such as produce, fresh bread and honey.