by Lori Cioffi | July 01, 2005
BiarritzPerched along the Atlantic coast of Southwest France near the Spanish border, this charmingly beautiful city feels more like a small town, albeit one where royalty once found respite from the duties of their courts.
    Today, Biarritz still beckons the well-to-do, but also surfers, golfers, and meeting and incentive groups looking for a location where luxury commingles comfortably with the warmth of the town’s residents. Hotels include the stunning 132-room, 22- suite Hôtel du Palais and the 150-room Radisson SAS. Three conference venues also are available for larger gatherings.
    Group activities include a Basque evening in a nearby village; a road rallye through the countryside in vintage CV2s; and lunch at the local market, where the oysters, fresh-plucked from the sea, are a Sunday staple. Among the DMCs serving the area are Pays Basque Privilège and Allied Travel France.