by Jonathan Vatner | April 01, 2006

the Hyatt West Hollywood


Nighttime at the Hyatt West Hollywood

Thanks to a slew of development, this 1.9-square-mile city, completely encircled by Los Angeles, is becoming a top destination for small meetings.
    Currently in the pipeline: A renovation of the 262-room Hyatt West Hollywood planned for this year will give the hotel a more boutique-like feel. The 200-room Bel Age, now an LXR property, will be remodeled and renamed the London LA in spring 2007. The 102-room Sunset Marquis will have opened 40 spacious villas by spring 2007. The 112-room Chamberlain Hotel is new, and a 200-room James Hotel, a 165-room W and a 135-room Marriott all are in the works for 2008.