The best way to make the most of new meetings technology is to understand the context in which it is being developed. Our industry is undergoing a digital transformation - one that places the attendee at the center of a personalized customer experience. Technology helps us to personalize that experience - just as it subsequently helps us to track and measure the results, and then share those results throughout a company. The data we gather at events is the currency that drives our budgets.


In this free webcast moderated by M&C senior editor Michael J. Shapiro, experts will discuss the cutting-edge platforms that make attendee experiences better and more personal - those driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, for instance, to streamline the experience and increase ROI.


Crucially, our presenters also will discuss the how and the why. How can planners go about integrating such platforms into their current technology setups, and to what end? The data planners can gather from these platforms is pure gold: We'll discuss how to get it, how to share it and how to impress C-suite executives with the intel they're looking for.










  • Dahlia El Gazzar, Tech Evangelist, Dahlia+
  • Eric Kingstad, principal/owner, The Event Guys
  • Mary Ann Pierce, founder and CEO, MAP Digital: MetaMeetings




  • Michael J. Shapiro, Senior Editor, Meetings & Conventions


CMP: Domain I, Marketing


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