Mobile event apps have become increasingly commonplace, outfitted with ever more bells and whistles - yet many meeting and events planners continue to get stuck on some of the basic questions, rather than take a more holistic approach to app strategy, selection, implementation and beyond.

In this free webcast moderated by M&C's senior editor, Michael J. Shapiro, experts answer those common questions in the framework of an overall digital strategy. Planners should think of the event app not as simply a digital reference tool, but the communications hub through which event content and discussion flows.

Attendees will receive experienced, tactical advice pertaining to the "three Ps" of a mobile app plan: purpose, procurement and project, and answers to common questions relating to the reason and motive for having an event app; selecting the best technology to meet one's purpose; and the process of deploying the app successfully for an event (or multiple events). Our expert presenters also look ahead to what's on the horizon.




  • Dahlia El Gazzar, Tech Evangelist, Dahlia+
  • Keith Johnston, Managing Partner, i3 Events
  • Midori Connolly, Independent consultant
  • Michael J. Shapiro, Senior Editor, Meetings & Conventions
CMP: Domain I, Marketing

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