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Meetings & Conventions is using new technology to convert its print edition into an online digital format. The digital edition is an electronic version of the magazine that delivers the look and feel of the print edition. It contains all the content found in the print edition and is viewed online, in your web browser.   There is no software or plug-in installation required and the issue opens in seconds. Best of all, the M&C Digital Edition contains hotlinks to all URLs and e-mail addresses referenced in editorial and advertisements, so more information is at your fingertips.

Click here for a sample edition of a digital magazine. 

Benefits of Electronic Delivery

     • Faster delivery service
     • Clickable table of contents links to articles
     • Hotlinks to advertiser sites
     • Issues can be viewed online or downloaded to your desktop
     • No special software or plug-ins are required  
     • Easier to circulate among co-workers -- simply forward the issue via email  
     • Searchable text 

Get all the features of the M&C print edition, with interactive capabilities only available online. Apply for your free subscription to the M&C Digital Edition today.



Frequently asked questions


Q: How do I get my issues?
A: Once you choose to receive M&C Magazine in digital format, you will receive e-mail notification concerning each new issue, the moment it becomes available. You can instantly access your copy by clicking the link. You can save your issues to your hard drive for fast  and  easy offline  accessibility. You can then read the digital edition at your leisure -- just as you would with a traditional printed magazine.

Q: Can subscribers save their issues on CDs, Zip disks or floppies?
A: Yes

Q: Can a user print just one page?

Q: Can I e-mail interesting articles to a colleague?
 Yes, the "send to friend" feature allows a user to send digital pages via email

Q: If I convert my subscription to electronic delivery, can I ever change back to print?
 Absolutely! If you are a subscriber to the print edition of M&C, you can switch back to print or choose to receive your issues electronically at any time.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the Internet to read my issues?
 No. The digital version allows offline viewing, without having to download software. Subscribers only need to be online when they download the issue or to click a link for more information*

*Note that the offline files work only for Windows IE or Mac OSX Safari. Older Mac OS's are not supported for the offline files.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem?
 If you are experiencing problems with the digital edition please contact 
[email protected].