by Edited by Lisa A. Grimaldi | February 15, 2012

synchronized swimming postcardJill M. Notte, a former marketing manager turned consultant, created a standout theme to attract more attention to her company's booth during an industry trade show. Since the meeting took place just before the Summer Olympics, Notte went with a "Synchronized Safety" theme and added an Olympics-styled ring-toss game to the 10-by-20-foot booth. One dollar was donated to the Special Olympics for each person who participated, and players received a customized roll of Lifesavers as a parting gift. Notte also snapped photos and gave out medals to participants who threw all five rings on the pegs.

    "The best part of the theme was the amount of follow-up interaction it generated," says Notte, who sent an e-mail blast to all participants announcing the winner of the raffle, the donation total and a link to a slide show of winners. "The game and survey also kept people in our booth and gave us the opportunity to ask enough questions to determine if we had a lead."