by Edited by Lisa A. Grimaldi | December 21, 2011

Starbucks boxed mealMegan Freedman, who taught a session on staying healthy while traveling at IMEX America in October, says to remember to snack to keep hunger and fatigue at bay and avoid binging at dinners and receptions. Freedman, who works as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in addition to her position as international program director for the American Society of Association Executives, recommends all-natural energy bars, E.G. Larabars and KIND bars; whole grain crackers with cheese; nuts; pre-cut fruits and veggies and Starbucks' Bistro Boxes. "When selecting a packaged food, look for low sodium, low sugar, and a low number of ingredients," says Freedman. "We also sometimes mistake thirst for hunger, so stay hydrated." Pictured: Starbucks Tuna Salad Bistro Box