March 12, 2018

Hotel offerings are changing as we speak, and the top cutting-edge hotels are moving at lightening speed into the future. Here are some peeks into the hotels of tomorrow.

The physical space. Several trends are changing the hotel room as we know it. First, flexibility is key. Hotel meeting spaces need to be adaptable to different ideas and able to yield to inspiration. In-between spaces are also becoming more common: areas outside the conference room for small groups, informal chatter and light work.

For example, ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas has opened an additional 200,000 square feet of flexible meeting space across four stories. The expansion is highlighted by stunning indoor/open-air verandas with retractable windows and dramatic views of The Park and T-Mobile Arena. The new space incorporates outdoor offerings, superb views, additional natural light and non-traditional meeting areas. Pictured above is Aria's Primrose Ballroom, part of the expansion.

Physical spaces are trending to the more inspirational - not just four walls to contain people, but with artistic, unique and inspired design. "One of the advantages of a meetings destination like Las Vegas is that we're on the forefront of every trend, and our hotels are ahead of the curve," says Rossi Ralenkotter, president/CEO of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority.

Traveler profiles. When you open your hotel app, a beacon will acknowledge that you're on the property. That will make your traveler profile kick in, which will lead to a lot of your preferences being enacted. From what temperature you prefer your room, to the in-room snacks to your wake-up time, your preferences will be catered to, automatically. And of course you won't need to check in to the hotel or pick up your card key - the app/beacon will handle that for you.

Pepper greets guests at the Mandarin Oriental.
 Bots. Robot butlers and luggage handlers are already here, but will become more common and will be serving your drink someday soon. For example, Pepper at Las Vegas' Mandarin Oriental, has been greeting visitors and helping direct them since last year. At the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Rose the chatbot serves as a concierge.

Badges. Technology in the meeting space will allow people with similar interests and complementary business goals to network via their badges. The badge would signal or light up when attendees are in proximity to each other.


Amenities. Hotels are in an all-out breakneck quest to provide new and "wow-inducing" amenities, from high-end brand name bath amenities to customized wellness stays to race car rentals. Fitness centers are fast becoming as good as any gym, with cutting-edge equipment, personal trainers and customized workouts. For example, CanyonRanch SpaClub® Las Vegas has expanded the concept of a healthy resort and includes registered dieticians, board-certified physicians, exercise physiologists, licensed therapists and other highly skilled, caring staff. 


CanyonRanch SpaClub in Las Vegas has expanded the concept of a healthy resort.
 Many upscale amenities are already in place at more exclusive hotels, but will become more intensified and commonplace. "With nearly 150,000 hotel rooms, Las Vegas is constantly pushing the envelope to offer hotel amenities that meetings attendees haven't even imagined yet," says Ralenkotter. 

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