October 2015: Worst-Case Scenarios and How to Handle Them

October 21, 2015 ǀ 2:00PM EST

Worst-Case Scenarios and How to Handle Them

An attendee death…A natural disaster…A gunman on-site…These are scenarios no one wants to imagine. Yet, every planner should know what to do if such incidents arise. In this informative session, a risk management expert and a meeting professional discuss basic best practices and procedures for swiftly and responsibly handling on-site disasters as well as common problems that occur at events.

Speakers: Bruce McIndoe, Chief Executive Officer, iJET International, Inc. and Elizabeth Zielinski, CMM, owner of Meeting Horizons
Moderator: Loren G. Edelstein  
CMP Credit: Domain C. Risk Management 

November 2015: Putting the Wow Factor in F&B Events

November 18 ǀ 2:00 pm ET

Putting the Wow Factor in F&B Events
Catering pros share their most creative food and beverage ideas for receptions, breaks and banquets. Beyond unusual, artful menu items, consider other elements of surprise that will wow attendees and create a truly memorable experience. 
Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi 

December 2015: Are You Taking Full Measure of Your Event?

December 9 ǀ 2:00 pm ET

Are You Taking Full Measure of Your Event?

Measuring return on investment of a meeting is just one way to determine its success. Today, a host of measurement techniques can help planners and stakeholders determine everything from how attendees liked a particular session, to what emotions the event inspired in delegates. This webcast will introduce the audience to the latest measurement methods and tools. 
Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro 

September 2015 - Refining Your Negotiating Skills

September 16, 2015 ǀ 2:00PM EST

Refining Your Negotiating Skills
Many meeting professionals are uncomfortable handling common scenarios that arise when negotiating with suppliers. Learn best practices and advice for honing your skills and keeping discussions civil — even pleasant! (SB)


Moderator: Sarah J.F. Braley 
CMP: Domain F. Stakeholder Management

August 2015: Understanding Your WIFI Needs - and Costs

August 12, 2015 | 2:00PM EST 

Understanding Your WIFI Needs - and Costs
How can you determine how much bandwidth your meeting needs, and what should that cost you? Experts provide guidelines for calculating your needs, and offer insight into what questions you should be asking of your meeting venues.
Moderator: Micheal J. Shapiro
CMP: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design and Domain B: Project Management

Interact LIVE Webcast: Shift Your Brilliance: How to Lead, Engage and Grow in the Next Decade

August 31, 2015 I 8:45am CT

Shift Your Brilliance: How to Lead, Engage and Grow in the Next Decade

Simon T. Bailey, Bestselling author of Shift Your Brilliance and former Sales Director of Disney Institute.

Stale…stuck…spiritless. That is what an organization, team, leader or individual becomes when mojo is lost. Simply launching anything in this hypersensitive, over-communicative world isn't enough anymore. Announcing to the world that you are new and improved doesn't guarantee long-term results. Everyone inside the organization is waiting for sparks to fly and to be launched into the stratosphere. Yet, in a few months' time, reality sets in and the brand "star" comes crashing back to earth.
To reinvigorate and ignite a fresh mindset that enables yourself, your company, your customers, your employees to achieve the determined goals, you must stop communicating and start connecting. This starts with an emerging leader making an emotional commitment to bring out the best in themselves and then doing the same in everyone around them. This challenges team members to raise the bar on their engagement and productivity. The ultimate benefactors of this SHIFT in thinking are customers who opt-in to become your brand champions.

July 2015: Appealing to Millennial Meeting Goers

July 15, 2015 | 2:00PM EST 

Appealing to Millennial Meeting Goers
The younger generation will soon make up the majority of our meeting attendees. What does that mean to you? Experts discuss ways to attract Millennials to events, engage their attention on-site and earn their loyalty for the future.
Moderator: Micheal C. Lowe
CMP Credit: Domain G. Meeting or Event Design

June 2015 Webcast: The 365-Day Conference

June 17, 2015 | 2:00PM EST  
The 365-Day Conference
The annual conference takes place just once per year. Learn to leverage meeting content to expand
the experience and build attendee engagement year-round.

Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi
Kevin Miller, Founder/President, Frost Miller Group
Barbara A. Myers, CAE, Vice President, Association Services, IMN Solutions
Sponsor: The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel 



May 2015 Webcast: Maximizing Attendees' Social Media Skills

May 13, 2015 | 2:00PM EST

Maximizing Attendees' Social Media Skills
Turning attendees into brand ambassadors is one surefire way to build buzz before, during and after your event. Planners discuss how to get event-goers to snap, post, share, tweet and spread the word. Plus, learn new ways to measure the success of your social media efforts.
Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro

Sponsor: Visit St. Petersburg

CMP Credit: I. Marketing, 1 Hour

April 2015 Webcast: A Deep Dive Into Attrition and Cancellation

April 15, 2015 | 2:00PM EST 

A Deep Dive Into Attrition and Cancellation
M&C's legal expert discusses the intricacies of attrition and cancellation agreements — arguably the two most contentious contract clauses. Learn how best to handle either scenario when your expectations don't live up to the terms of your original contract.  

Moderator: Sarah J. F. Braley 

Sponsor: Discover the Palm Beaches

CMP Credit: B. Meeting or Event Design, 1 Hour


March 2015 Webcast: What's New, What's Next in Meetings Technology

March 11 | 2:00PM EST

What's New, What's Next in Meeting Technology
From geofencing to shared-economy apps and more, industry leaders will discuss the newest technology trends just hitting the market and how they can be used to improve your event. Plus, take a sneak peak at technologies in development that could enhance your meetings in the near future. 
Moderator: Michael C. Lowe, Editor, Meetings & Conventions

CMP Credit: G. Meeting or Event Design; B. Project Management 1 Hour

February 2015 Webcast: Solid Contracts; Fewer Clauses

February 11 | 2:00PM EST

Solid Contracts; Fewer Clauses
Meeting contracts have gotten longer and more complicated in recent years, complains M&C's legal expert, Jonathan Howe. Too often, clauses are added in reaction to bad experiences, resulting in pages of unnecessary verbiage. Learn how to vet what you need and what can be cut without putting either party at risk.
Moderator: Sarah J.F. Braley

CMP Credit: G. Meeting or Event Design, 1 Hour


December 2015: Are You Taking Full Measure of Your Event?

December 9 ǀ 2:00 pm ET Are You Taking Full Measure of Your Event?Measuring return on investment of a meeting is just one way to determine its...

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