August 2014 Webcast: Measuring and Improving Attendee Engagement

 August 13 | 2:00 pm EST
Description: New technologies are providing key insights into attendee behavior at trade shows. Learn to employ the latest techniques to measure engagement — and use the results to improve the attendee experience. 
Moderator: Michael C. Lowe CMP Credit: A. Strategic Planning, 1 hour

September 2014 Webcast: CSR on a Budget

September 17 | 2:00 pm EST

Description: Corporate social responsibility is a growing trend in the meetings world. Experts share ideas for charitable activities that participants will appreciate and your limited budget will allow. Moderator: Lisa Grimaldi CMP Credit: A. Strategic Management, 1 hour

October 2014 Webcast: The Comprehensive RFP

October 22 | 2:00pm EST

What does a thorough request for proposal look like? What information does the hotel need in order to understand your group's needs and make an informed bid for your business? Learn the key components of an ideal RFP. Supporting documents available for download include a sample RFP for a citywide conference.

Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro
CMP Credit: A. Strategic Planning, 1 hour

July 2014 Webcast: How to Succeed at Strategic Meetings Management

July 16 | 2:00 pm EST

Description: A strategic meetings management program is a big undertaking; in fact, more SMMP efforts fail than succeed. We talk to experts about what approaches have worked best for them, and what they're doing to build on their successes. Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro CMP Credit: A. Strategic Management, 1 hour Speakers: Kevin Iwamoto, Vice President of Industry Strategy, Lanyon and Debi Scholar, CMM, CMP, SMM Coach and Mentor



June 2014 Webcast: Risk Management Basics for Meeting Professionals

June 18 | 2:00 pm EST

Description: You might not have the budget or resources to establish a high-level risk management program. However, all meeting professionals should put these essential measures in place to protect their organizations and attendees. Moderator: Loren G. Edelstein Speaker: Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET International, Inc. CMP Credit: C. Risk Management, 1 hour

May 2014 Webcast: Should You Use a Third Party Planner

Description: How do third-party meeting planners work? Learn about the services and pricing models of independent meeting planning companies, including the market's biggest players and self-employed consultants. Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi CMP Credit: A. Strategic Planning, 1 hour.


Tony Cummins, CMP, CMM, owner/director, The Meeting Department
• Jeff Sacks, CMP, vice president- strategic account management, Experient

April 2014 Webcast: The Art and Science of Attendee Surveys

Description: Learn what, when and how to solicit feedback from attendees before, during and after an event. Plus, how to analyze and act upon the results. Takeaways will include a sample post-show survey available for download. Moderator: Michael C. Lowe CMP Credit: G. Meeting or Event Design, 1 hour

March 2014 Webcast: Understanding Negotiations from the Hotelier's Perspective

Description: Effective negotiations require an understanding of business needs on both sides of the table. Hotel executives will talk frankly about their business models, pricing strategies and market conditions and other factors that come into play when they negotiate for your meeting.

Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro Speaker: Amanda Armstrong, CMP, Manager Meetings and Travel Department, Enterprise Holdings, Inc. and Rodahl Leong-Lyons, Vice President, Sales, Americas, Hyatt CMP Credit: B. Project Management, 1 hour

February 2014 Webcast: Avoiding Common Contract Disputes

Description: Our legal expert outlines the most prevalent reasons that meetings-related disputes result in legal action. Learn how to prevent common problems with specific contract language and other strategies.
Moderator: Sarah J.F. Braley Speaker: Jonathan T. Howe, Esq,Founding Partner and President, Howe & Hutton, Ltd. CMP Credit: B. Project Management, 1 hour

January 2014 Webcast: Impressive F&B on a Budget

Description: You'd like to plan creative menus that will please meeting and event attendees, but cost is an important consideration. Catering pros discuss current trends and offer tasteful suggestions for providing delicious food and beverage on a limited budget. Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi CMP Credit: G. Meeting or Event Design, 1 hour

December 2013 Webcast: Proving Your Value as a Meetings Professional

December 11 | 2:00PM EST
Description: During this webcast, we’ll hear from experts who can suggest exactly what to track, such as negotiated savings with suppliers and levels of compliance within the company. We’ll discuss how to collect the right data – to demonstrate your value, that of your department, and if applicable, that of your strategic meetings management program – and how best to present that data to top-level execs Moderator: Michael Shapiro Speakers: Shimon Avish, President, Shimon Avish Consulting & Heather Sharpe, Events Director, Sherpa Group CMP Credit: .5 hours, A. Strategic Planning

November 2013 Webcast: Do You Need A Lawyer For That?

November 13 | 2:00PM EST
Sure, lawyers are expensive, but failing to use one when you should have can be a lot more expensive. A lawyer present common scenarios and which pose the most legal risk. Participants will be encouraged to chime in (anonymously) to seek advice on scenarios of their own. Moderator: Sarah Braley CMP Credit: .5 Hours, B. Project Management


October 2014 Webcast: The Comprehensive RFP

October 22 | 2:00pm EST What does a thorough request for proposal look like? What information does the hotel need in order to understand your group's...

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