Do You Need a Lawyer for That?

September 13, 2017 - 2PM ET

Sure, lawyers are expensive, but failing to use one when you should can be a lot more expensive. M&C’s long-time legal expert, Jonathan T. Howe, will present common scenarios that pose the most legal risk. Participants will be encouraged to chime in (anonymously) to seek advice on scenarios of their own. 

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Ask the Revenue Manager

October 18, 2017 - 2PM ET

What do hotel revenue managers look for when evaluating group business? Ask them! Decision-makers from the supplier side promise to demystify the process and provide frank answers to planners’ questions.


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Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Meeting



You might already be using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and a host of other social media channels for your meeting, but to what end? Do you have a strategic social media plan that will be enacted before, during and after the event? Learn from experts about how to use social channels to produce measurable results.

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Airbnb and Beyond: What the Sharing Economy Means to Meetings

 AVAILABLE ON DEMAND: Planners are familiar with the big players in the shared economy space, like Uber and Airbnb. Do such entities have a place in the meetings world? (Sponsored by Visit Kansas City)


Devices Down! How to Keep Your Audience Fully Engaged

AVAILABLE NOW ON-DEMAND:  Today's audiences need to be highly engaged - immediately - or they will tune out. Presenters are competing for the attention of demanding attendees who have short attention spans, low tolerance for talking heads, and the constantly diverting pull of their smartphones and other devices. 




Ask The Chef

AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND:Experienced chefs will share insights, advice and ideas from their experience serving groups of all kinds under myriad circumstances. (Sponsored by Meet in Ireland)


Proving Your Value as a Meeting Professional

Available Now On Demand:  Proving Your Value as a Meeting Professional Beyond calculating return on investment for individual events, consider the bigger picture: What are YOU worth to your organization? Learn what to track and how to track, as well as how to demonstrate your professional value in your current role - and on your résumé.


Emerging Meetings Tech and How to Use It

AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND:We check in with experts to discuss the newest meetings technology tools and how planners and show organizers are making the most of them at their events. (Sponsored by Experience Scottsdale)


Mobile Event App FAQs

AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND: Mobile event apps have become increasingly commonplace, outfitted with ever more bells and whistles - yet the related questions most commonly fielded by experts haven't changed much over time. Here we address those questions, with up-to-date answers that reflect what's available and what's hot in the marketplace. (Sponsored by San Jose CVB)


The New World of Negotiations

AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND: Learn about negotiating internet/bandwidth, virtual meetings, security, and other factors well beyond the basics of dates, rates, and block in this free, on-demand webcast moderated by M&C's Sally J. Braley. (CMP: Domain B, Project Management)


December 2016: Planning a Wellness-Minded Meeting


Planning a Wellness-Minded Meeting

Wellness is a growing priority for meeting planners and attendees. Learn to keep participants feeling active and energized throughout a meeting or conference by integrating health breaks, outdoor activities, power foods and more.

Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi

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November 2016: Tech Trends That Will Transform Your Events


Tech Trends That Will Transform Your Events

Holograms, robots, drones, augmented reality: These are just a few of the new innovations being used to enhance conferences, conventions and trade shows. This webcast will show participants how the most cutting-edge technology is transforming the meetings industry.

Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro 


David Haas
Director, Technology Solutions 

Susan Apollonio
Education Programs Director 
American Society of Landscape Architects

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