April 2016: Amping Up Attendee Engagement

APRIL 13 - 2pm ET

Amping Up Attendee Engagement
How involved are your attendees in the meeting experience? Today's technology can put solid metrics behind engagement. Experts talk about measurement tools and best practices for improvement. 
Moderator: Sarah F.J. Braley 
Sponsor: JW Resorts

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May 2016: Negotiations Live! Straight Talk From a Hotelier and a Planner

MAY 11 - 2pm ET

Negotiations Live! Straight Talk From a Hotelier and a Planner 
U.S. hotels have been enjoying record levels of occupancy and demand, and rates have climbed accordingly. Join us for a frank conversation between a hotelier and a planner about how to negotiate in this seller’s market so that everyone wins. 
Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro 
Sponsor: Mohegan Sun

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June 2016: Great F&B on a Budget

JUNE 15 - 2pm ET



Great F&B on a Budget
With food costs rising faster than event budgets, it's getting harder for planners to create outstanding meals and receptions. This presentation will give participants tips and menu ideas for creating delicious, budget-friendly F&B, along with recipes to download.
Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi


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July 2016: Creative Meeting Formats

JULY 13 - 2pm ET


Creative Meeting Formats
How do you craft a meeting for participants, not passive attendees? Experts in meeting design discuss strategies, including creative room sets and alternative session formats, for establishing a participatory learning environment.
Moderator: Sarah F.J. Braley
Sponsor: Lee County

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August 2016: Building a Better RFP

AUGUST 17 - 2 pm ET

Building a Better RFP
This session will help you develop a request for proposal that gets attention and streamlines the process by giving hotels the information they need. Planner and hotelier experts weigh in on what to include and what to leave out, with helpful advice for the entire RFP process.
Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro
Sponsor: Houston

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October 2016: Ask the Attorney

OCTOBER 19 - 2pm ET

Ask the Attorney
Your urgent and confounding contract questions can't wait. As a registrant for this hour-long webcast, you can send your queries in advance, then let our legal expert give you the authoritative answers you need. 
Moderator: Sarah F.J. Braley 

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December 2015: Are You Taking Full Measure of Your Event?

December 9 ǀ 2:00 pm ET

Are You Taking Full Measure of Your Event?

Measuring return on investment of a meeting is just one way to determine its success. Today, a host of measurement techniques can help planners and stakeholders determine everything from how attendees liked a particular session, to what emotions the event inspired in delegates. This webcast will introduce the audience to the latest measurement methods and tools. 
Moderator: Michael J. Shapiro 

Martina Padilla
Research & Customer Insights Analyst


Samuel J. Smith 
Managing Director
Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC 

January 2016: Engaging Multiple Generations at Events

January 13 - 2pm ET
Engaging Multiple Generations at Events

Creating events that appeal to up to four generations — baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials and the up-and-coming Generation Edge — is no easy feat. This presentation will delve into the main characteristics and learning styles of these groups and offer ideas to engaging them at meetings, conventions and more. 
Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi

February 2016: The Most Misunderstood Clauses

February 24 - 2pm ET
The Most Misunderstood Clauses

They are part of every meetings contract, but how well do you know your attrition, cancellation and force majeure clauses? Our legal expert will help you decode these crucial paragraphs and answer your questions. 

Moderator: Sarah F.J. Braley 

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November 2015: Putting the Wow Factor in F&B Events

November 18 ǀ 2:00 pm ET

Putting the Wow Factor in F&B Events
Catering pros share their most creative food and beverage ideas for receptions, breaks and banquets. Beyond unusual, artful menu items, consider other elements of surprise that will wow attendees and create a truly memorable experience. 
Moderator: Lisa A. Grimaldi 

October 2015: Worst-Case Scenarios and How to Handle Them

October 21, 2015 ǀ 2:00PM EST

Worst-Case Scenarios and How to Handle Them

An attendee death…A natural disaster…A gunman on-site…These are scenarios no one wants to imagine. Yet, every planner should know what to do if such incidents arise. In this informative session, a risk management expert and a meeting professional discuss basic best practices and procedures for swiftly and responsibly handling on-site disasters as well as common problems that occur at events.

Speakers: Bruce McIndoe, Chief Executive Officer, iJET International, Inc. and Elizabeth Zielinski, CMM, owner of Meeting Horizons
Moderator: Loren G. Edelstein  
CMP Credit: Domain C. Risk Management 

September 2015 - Refining Your Negotiating Skills

September 16, 2015 ǀ 2:00PM EST

Refining Your Negotiating Skills
Many meeting professionals are uncomfortable handling common scenarios that arise when negotiating with suppliers. Learn best practices and advice for honing your skills and keeping discussions civil — even pleasant! (SB)


Moderator: Sarah J.F. Braley 
CMP: Domain F. Stakeholder Management

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