September 01, 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility has gone from a small movement to our current way of doing business. 

Some background

Studies indicate that almost two-thirds of meeting-industry professionals feel that their customers expect them to implement some form of CSR. And the tidal wave will continue, as about three-fourths expect the level of customer expectation of CSR to increase in the next few years. Three-fourths of us prefer to buy from ethically and socially responsible organizations. About 9 in 10 believed that the meeting industry will become more involved with CSR in the future because society expects it, and that the industry needs to respond to broader changes in the business environment.

 The experience is the thing

Increasingly, event participants (and travelers in general) expect more than just things from a meeting or event -- they want experiences. They want to get out of the boardroom and get a feel for the physical environment outside and the people there. And if they can change the community for the better, so much the better. Those experiences that have the potential to be transcendent involve becoming part of a larger effort and helping others. That's where CSR comes in.

Case study
What do you think will leave a greater impression on an event attendee? Sitting through another PowerPoint presentation or creating supply kits to benefit hard-hit Hurricane Irma victims? The latter was an actual CSR project that was hosted by Discover The Palm Beaches following the natural disaster of September 2017. Another CSR endeavor in The Palm Beaches introduced a group to a seminar on human trafficking. The group was so affected that as a result of the seminar, it committed a portion of retail items purchased during the evening in addition to their direct donation, to the cause. That is a tangible sign of engagement and an experience that the group will never forget.

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