by Michael J. Shapiro | March 14, 2018
The international trade association Airports Council International has announced its 2017 Airport Service Quality Awards. When it comes to the world's busiest airports -- those serving more than 40 million passengers per year -- the regional service-quality winners were Toronto Pearson in North America, Mumbai in the Asia-Pacific, and Rome Fiumicino in Europe. Mumbai's airport had the highest overall score for big airports in any region.
ACI represents nearly 2,000 member airports in 176 countries, and 343 of those participated in the ASQ program last year. The service-quality program measures passenger views on 34 performance metrics, with some 600,000 surveys conducted per year in 42 languages. More than half of the world's 7.7 billion travelers passed through one of those ASQ airports last year; participating airports represented a full 74 percent of the world's 100 busiest.
What's particularly noteworthy about the 2017 awards, said ACI's leaders, is the number of first-time winners among them -- reflecting the highly competitive nature of airport operations. This year's list has an unprecedented 16 first-time winners, including Rome Fiumicino and Toronto Pearson. Others appearing for the first time are Ahmedabad (India), Athens, Bandung (Indonesia), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Casablanca (Morocco), Cleveland, George (South Africa), Indore (India), Los Cabos (Mexico), Medina (Saudi Arabia), Newcastle (England), San Jose (Calif.) and Zagreb (Croatia).
"Objective measurement and benchmarking are critical in driving performance in any business, especially in such a competitive and dynamic one as an airport," said Angela Gittens, ACI World director general. "These winning airports have dedicated themselves to delivering a stellar customer experience."
The U.S. airports in Indianapolis and Jacksonville, Fla., tied for first place for all North American airports that serve more than 2 million passengers per year. Other top regional finishers, among all airports serving more than 2 million passengers, included Casablanca in Africa, Delhi and Mumbai (tie) in Asia Pacific; Sochi (Russia) in Europe; and Abu Dhabi in the Middle East and Guayaquil (Ecuador) in the Latin America-Caribbean region.
All of the 2017 ASQ Awards recipients will be honored during the inaugural Customer Excellence Global Summit in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sept. 10-13.
A complete list of the winning airports can be found here.