by Michael J. Shapiro | June 30, 2015
JetBlue began charging travelers to check luggage on Tuesday, leaving Southwest Airlines as the only U.S. carrier that does not charge for the first checked bag. The airline still promises free snacks and soft drinks, and free DirectTV to all passengers, but a new tiered-fare system means you'll get only what you pay for with respect to baggage fees.

The basic fare, known as Blue, does not include checked bags. The first is now $20 when purchased during web check-in or at a kiosk, or $25 at the counter. The second checked bag is $35. The second-tier fare, Blue Plus, includes one checked bag, while the next rung up, Blue Flex, includes two checked bags -- as does Mint, the carrier's premium fare. For international itineraries, the first checked bag is included, regardless of fare purchased.