by Lisa A. Grimaldi | July 28, 2015
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday introduced a plan rebuild and expand New York City's cramped LaGuardia Airport, replacing its hubs with a single, modern terminal, according to news reports. "There is no way to fix this. We need to literally tear it down and rebuild it," said Gov. Cuomo, who made the announcement yesterday at the airport, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden.

The terminal will be built 600 feet closer to the Grand Central Parkway, providing more room for flight operations and runways. The upgraded airport also will have a state-of-the-art security system, along with a hotel and a conference center. Construction on the first part of the plan will begin next year and will cost $4 billion, with half the funds coming from private sources. Further plans call for LaGuardia to be linked to New York's subway system and to a high-speed ferry service that will dock at the Marine Air Terminal. When completed, the facility is projected to serve 35 million passengers a year; it currently serves 27 million.