by Sarah J.F. Braley | December 20, 2017

From artificial intelligence, meetings innovations and happening destinations to breaking news and career updates, the most popular stories that drove readers to this year have run the industry gamut. Following are M&C's most buzz-worthy articles of 2017, still offering highly relevant insights as we head into 2018.  


10. What AI Means to Meetings
9. Is Your Job Title Wrong?
8. 7 Cities to Watch
7. Top 10 Meetings Innovations
6. Mexican Authorities Sweep Cancún-Area Establishments for Illicit Alcohol
5. How Young Planners Are Revitalizing the Meetings Industry
4. TSA Will No Longer Accept Driver's Licenses From Five States in 2018
3. Best Places to Work in the Meetings Industry
2. Update: Puerto Rico's Hotels Assessing Damage, Many Closed Indefinitely
1. Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry