by Sarah J.F. Braley | October 09, 2018
SmartAsset, an online service offering financial advice, data visualizations and tools, has released its fourth annual ranking of the best cities for conferences. To create the list, SmartAsset looked at data on the number of hotels in the largest cities in the United States, the number of medium-sized hotels, the number of large hotels, hotel costs, dining costs, the concentration of dining and entertainment establishments, the distance from the airport to downtown, airport travel time and the violent crime rate. Cities with fewer than 100 hotels were filtered out of the rankings.
A few highlights:
• Texas tops the list. San Antonio ranked as the best conference city for the fourth straight year and two other Texas cities also cracked top 11. Texas cities are known for their size and affordability, two characteristics which make for successful conferences.
• Las Vegas strikes a balance. While there tends to be a trade-off between the amenity-filled cities and the affordable cities, Vegas offers a bit of both. Top-rated cities like New York and Portland offer slightly higher concentrations of dining and entertainment establishments than Vegas, but hotel rates are considerably cheaper in Sin City.
Below are the top 10 cities; click here to see the full report.
1. San Antonio, Texas
2. San Diego
3. Orlando
4. Austin, Texas
5. Las Vegas
6. Atlanta
7. New York City
8. Houston
9. Portland, Ore.
10. (tie) Phoenix, Ariz., and Columbus, Ohio