by Michael J. Shapiro | February 08, 2012

 Less than one-third of company travel policies that came under review in the past year have been updated, according to the Best Practice Roadmap Report on Travel Policy, released Monday by American Express Global Business Travel. Many company travel policies also fail to address major industry trends, according to the report, based on a review of 100 Amex client corporate policies. Only 12 percent address traveler security; 80 percent fail to address reimbursement of ancillary fees charged by airlines, hotels or car rental agencies; and none of the policies analyzed addresses the use of mobile applications or similar tools available to travelers for use on the road. "Policy is the foundation of a successful managed travel program, and maintaining this infrastructure by conducting regular check-ups is paramount," said Amex Advisory Services global policy practice director Helen Brough in a statement. "In our policy practice, we have identified more than 300 areas companies should be reviewing in their policy for the best outcomes — for the company, for the traveling employees and for ultimate travel management program success," Brough added.