by Lisa A. Grimaldi | October 31, 2017
According to Carlson Wagonlit Travel, just over a third of European travelers (37 percent) are concerned about safety and security, while travelers from Asia (56 percent) worry the most. The CWT Connected Traveler survey of 1,900 independent travelers also revealed that nearly half of travelers from the Americas (47 percent) shared those concerns.  
Among the travel concerns cited by all the respondents, 40 percent worried about forgetting something they needed for work; 38 percent were anxious about losing something important; 37 percent worried about being robbed or attacked; 37 percent fretted over weather conditions and 35 percent were concerned about terrorism.
The study also revealed that one in five of the respondents have canceled a trip due to concerns about their safety and security. And 30 percent of those polled worried about health and well-being when they're traveling.
Other findings show that two-thirds of business travelers (67 percent) said travel is safer today than in the past, because new tools exist that mitigate safety concerns, while seven out of 10 travelers use at least one of their employer's security protocols, such as traveler tracking or emergency-contact profiles, and more than two-thirds (68 percent) buy travel insurance.
"Despite recent terrorist attacks, business travelers say they're more worried about other things -- and that's surprising," said Simon Nowroz, above, Carlson Wagonlit Travel's chief marketing officer. "We found that, yes, the world seems scarier at times -- but travelers believe they have more tools at their disposal to keep them informed and safe."