by Michael J. Shapiro | August 28, 2017
The board of Uber has offered the company's CEO position to current Expedia president and CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia has confirmed. Reports began surfacing Sunday evening that the embattled transportation-technology giant had decided on Khosrowshahi to replace departed CEO and founder Travis Kalanick, who resigned in June. 

Khosrowshahi, who has successfully led Expedia for the past decade, is likely to make the jump, according to Expedia Inc. chairman Barry Diller. "Nothing has been yet finalized, but having extensively discussed this with Dara I believe it is his intention to accept," Diller wrote in an email to all Expedia employees. "I also know the struggle he has been having out of both his abiding enthusiasm for Expedia's future as well as his loyalty to all of us. I know Dara would like to communicate now with all of you but I've asked him not to until this is fully resolved. If Dara does leave us, it will be to my great regret but also my blessing -- he [has] devoted 12 great years to building this company, and if this is what he wants for his next adventure, it will be with my best wishes. I say that because he deserves nothing less, and I say that also because he will leave behind a tremendously talented corps of executives."

Diller indicated he and Khosrowshahi would be in touch again shortly with the final decision.

Khosrowshahi has become an outspoken voice in the travel industry, and a regular participant at industry events on panels regarding technology, distribution and the future of the industry. He has also been a vocal critic of President Trump's travel-ban proposals. The Iranian-born Khosrowshahi immigrated to the U.S. with his family when he was a child, in the wake of the Iranian Revolution.