by Jessi Minneci | June 05, 2019
The travel industry continues to lead consumer spending throughout the United States. This and other key insights can be found in the 2019 Southwest Hospitality Marketing Report by industry marketing agency Lavidge.

Research by hotel and resort market data leader STR Global predicts a 2.3 overall financial increase across the industry by the end of 2019, as well as a 2.4 percent increase in revenue streams available per hotel room.

Lavidge suggests modern and long-term industry survival relies heavily on marketing campaigns. "Understanding what motivates consumers into action is critical for hospitality marketers in this competitive arena," said managing director, business development, David Nobs. "Our research pinpoints specific messages that drive travelers to engage with certain hotels and resorts."

The report details consumer preferences including the fact that travelers resonate with ads containing practical words such as "affordable," rely on trusted referrals and are motivated by slogans that convey convenience. The majority of travelers, both business- and leisure-based, also gravitate toward accommodations that offer complementary food and beverage options to guests. Millennials, on the other hand, place a high standard on campaigns containing ethnic diversity and aspirational jargon. 

Looking to the future, research suggests that the evolution of travel tech will continue to reshape the way people take trips. Future trends predict travelers seeking hospitality on-the-go, the introduction of mobile suites and more adults-only resorts. 

The 2019 Southwest Hospitality Marketing Report surveyed 450 adult consumers working and living in Southwestern United States to provide insight to hospitality marketing executives, travel professionals, meeting planners and business and leisure guests about specific phrases and beneficial marketing tactics.