by Lisa A. Grimaldi | November 23, 2015
Nearly three-quarters of U.S. business-travel buyers say their company's travel to Europe will remain largely unaffected by the recent attacks on Paris, according to a poll of 169 such travel buyers conducted by the Global Business Travel Association. The survey was conducted online between Nov. 18 and 20. A majority (57 percent) reported no change, and another 16 percent reported only slight reductions in their company's travel to Europe. Only 10 percent reported that they have temporarily suspended travel to Paris. The vast majority of U.S. business-travel buyers – 93 percent – believe that it is important that travel to Europe continue as usual despite the recent attacks. "This initial survey shows the resiliency of business travel in the face of these horrific attacks," said Michael W. McCormick, GBTA executive director and COO. "However, corporations, governments and the business-travel industry must continue to work closely together to ensure a global travel system that is both safe and secure."