by Michael J. Shapiro | June 28, 2017
Efforts to improve employee well-being might also increase travel-policy compliance, according to research from the GBTA Foundation, the research and education arm of the Global Business Travel Association. Not only do many travel programs have high levels of both traveler satisfaction and policy compliance, but about three-quarters of travel managers in both North America and Latin America said that traveler well-being has a lot of weight on their decisions when designing travel policy.
The study, "Balancing Traveler Satisfaction and Well-Being With Program Compliance," was conducted with the support of the Carlson Family Foundation. It was based on a March online survey of 313 travel managers in North America and Latin America.
The study revealed high levels of traveler satisfaction with programs that also had high compliance levels; although the satisfaction levels weren't significantly higher than those for programs that had less compliance, the numbers do suggest, GBTA noted, that well-being and satisfaction efforts might not undermine compliance, and could even improve it.
"Travel managers must balance traveler well-being and satisfaction along with many competing priorities, from cost-savings and compliance to duty of care and keeping up with the latest technology," said Monica Sanchez, GBTA Foundation director of research. "Business traveler well-being efforts can take on a variety of forms, focusing on efficiency, comfort, choice and service. Collecting traveler feedback can inform travel programs on what areas to pay the most attention to, and this study indicates that traveler well-being and policy compliance do not have to come at the expense of the other."
The GBTA Foundation will host a session on this topic at next month's GBTA Convention in Boston, at 8:30 a.m. on July 17. The session will explore how companies are improving the traveler experience, and how they balance that with other priorities. 
The report is available to GBTA members at, and can be purchased for $499 by nonmembers by emailing [email protected].