by Sarah J.F. Braley | May 30, 2017
Reacting to President Donald Trump's budget proposal, which includes cutting all federal funding of Brand USA, the marketing organization that seeks to increase inbound travel to the United States, the U.S. Travel Association has taken to the airwaves to encourage Congress to keep the funds in place.
Eliminating the funding is "a risky experiment that will inevitably fail," said Roger Dow, president and CEO of U.S. Travel, in a new video. He continued: "This is by no means a done deal. presidential budget proposals are blueprints that see major changes before they become policy. There will be a debate and an ultimate decision in Congress, where the agency has always enjoyed overwhelming bipartisan support."
In a recent interview with M&C's Michael Shapiro, Brand USA president Chris Thompson discussed some of the challenges his organization faces amidst the messaging from the White House. "Whenever we have a new administration, there are changes to any number of policies," he noted. "It's just that some of the things this administration is focused on have a direct impact on us."
See more on the president's budget proposal here. Dow's video is available here.