by MIchael J. Shapiro | June 21, 2017
The firestorm of bad publicity Uber has faced for the past several months came to a head last night when CEO Travis Kalanick resigned under pressure from investors, as first reported today by the New York Times. The divisive co-founder's departure abruptly followed a day in which remaining Uber representatives promised widespread change at the company. 
"I believe that our business can have 10x the impact it has today - once we have additional leadership and training in place, and evolve our culture to be more inclusive and respectful," wrote co-founder Garrett Camp in a blog post yesterday. 
In addition to its evolution at the corporate level, Uber announced its "180 Days of Change" initiative yesterday for the company's drivers - "because it's the right thing to do, it's long overdue and there's no time like the present," according to Uber's Aaron Schildkrout, head of product for drivers, and Rachel Holt, regional general manager for the U.S. and Canada. "Each month for the next six months, we'll share major improvements that will make driving more flexible and less stressful, giving you earnings and support you can depend on," they wrote yesterday in a letter to Uber drivers and delivery partners.
The most obvious change visible to Uber riders will be the in-app tipping option. It has already launched in Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston, and will be rolled out by the end of July in all U.S. cities.
Other changes include a shorter no-fee cancellation window, reduced from five minutes to two; paid wait time for drivers, beginning two minutes after their arrival to pick up a rider; and an additional $2 to the base fare for teen accounts. All changes will be rolled out incrementally to cities over the summer months.
As for another arm of the company, Uber for Business global head Travis Bogard noted that the service "provides more than 65,000 organizations across the globe with a platform for billing, reporting and managing reliable, safe transportation at scale. As our leadership team undergoes change, we'll continue to bring innovative solutions to market and deliver the same world-class service that our customers depend on."