by Lisa A. Grimaldi | July 17, 2018
Discover Puerto Rico, the new convention and visitors bureau for the island that will handle both business and leisure tourism (tasks that were formerly handled by two different entities), was launched last week. The CVB is headed by CEO Brad Dean, who was tapped this spring to take on the job. Other key officials include Ed Carey, chief sales officer; Leah Chandler, chief marketing officer, and Alma Pedrosa, chief financial officer
During a keynote speech he gave last week during Destination International's annual conference, Dean underscored that following the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria last year, Puerto Rico's "inspiring comeback of epic proportion" is already underway. "We believe Discover Puerto Rico is a vehicle of progress for the Island and its people, and one that will ensure that the greatest days of Puerto Rico lie before us, and not behind us. Today's [destination marketing organizations] are more than sales and marketing agencies. They are campuses of collaboration that bring about progress and nurture a sense of community. Discover Puerto Rico is poised to share one of the all-time great stories in the travel industry's history." 
During his presentation, Dean also premiered an inspirational destination video featuring the people of the U.S. territory. "Today, Puerto Rico is ready, able and eager to welcome visitors back to the island," he said.