by Sarah J.F. Braley | September 30, 2016

On Thursday, the San Antonio City Council approved a new management agreement for the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, turning it into a public-private nonprofit called Visit San Antonio. The bureau will become a 501(c)(6) nonprofit on Saturday, Oct. 1.

"By approving this management agreement, you will give this new entity more autonomy," said Frank Miceli, senior vice president of sales and franchise operations for Spurs Sports & Entertainment, to the council. Miceli has been appointed chairman of the Visit San Antonio board of directors.

Calling the vote "historic," Casandra Matej, executive director of the current SACVB, said the new organization will be able to pursue other revenue opportunities to market the city's $13.4 billion tourism industry, adding that the move to a nonprofit model came after months of collaborative work between the City Council, the SACVB, industry leaders and other community stakeholders.

"Today, the city council took a huge step," said Matej, who will head the new entity as well. "This allows us to be more agile, able to react quickly to changing market conditions."

San Antonio attracts more than 32 million visitors annually and will celebrate its tricentennial in 2018.