by Michael J. Shapiro | March 31, 2017
VisitPittsburgh has appointed several of its Millennial team members to plan way ahead -- more than a decade into the future, in fact. The destination marketing organization's recently created "2022 Committee" will be looking at Pittsburgh's marketing efforts as though they were living in the year 2022, and planning ahead for 2023-2028.

To make their destination stand out, noted VisitPittsburgh CMO Tom Loftus, they decided it would be best to think ahead. "Craig Davis, VisitPittsburgh's president and CEO, wants us to be the best of the best in marketing Pittsburgh to the world," he explained. "And we're determined to leap frog ahead of the competition by beginning our strategic planning for the year 2022. Through the 2022 Committee, we're tapping into the tremendous young and engaged talent that we have right here at VisitPittsburgh, and they might just come up with the next best thing in destination marketing." 

To do so, the team needs to first develop a vision of life in the year 2022. They intend to brainstorm, as well as consult with some leading technology companies with a presence in Pittsburgh - Uber, Google and Carnegie Mellon University. Their goal is to develop a vision of the future, as well as some ideas about the best way to market in it.

The members of the innovative committee are Molly Allwein, VisitPittsburgh's digital marketing manager; Miranda Peto, sports marketing manager; Mike Robertson, sports and meetings services manager; and Ashley Steckel, the organization's advertising sales director.

The 2022 Committee will present its strategic plan for 2023-2028 to the organization's board of directors at the end of this year.