by Sarah J.F. Braley | September 01, 2016
In this election year, many candidates have spoken about how corporations are raking in money, but worker salaries aren't keeping up. The good news from M&C's biennial Salary Survey shows 51 percent of the 340 respondents already received a raise this year, while 31 percent got one last year.

The average corporate planner salary has increased by 4 percent, from $75,969 in 2014 to $79,231 in 2016. The average association planner salary was essentially unchanged, from $73,741 two years ago to $73,187 this year. Combined, planners today earn an average base salary of $75,171. But mind the gender pay gap: Female meeting planners earn 75 cents on the male dollar.

In addition to the following highlights, a new online tool, the M&C Salary Survey Interactive Dashboard, invites you play with the numbers for deeper insights into the data. Go to to explore. This one-of-a-kind proprietary platform, created in partnership with Bear Analytics, lets users set parameters to see salary ranges for job types, geographical regions and much more.

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