by M&C Editors | October 07, 2019

Who among your peers is making or has made a mark in the meetings industry, thanks to their ideas, enthusiasm, creativity, expertise or simply a desire to change things for the better? This is the question we posed to you and to each other at Northstar Meetings Group, and what follows is the culmination of our ensuing discussions about a huge variety of influencers.

As a nod to how diverse and wide-ranging today's meetings industry is, we've elected to spotlight people whose names haven't been part of our past influencer lists, and organized the list into several different categories that emphasizes the great work each is doing. We wanted to acknowledge that despite the consistent great work that many of those already-cited luminaries continue to do, there are countless other individuals toiling to influence, inspire and improve events for all. Read the full list and profiles of influencers at, including those shaping the industry in these categories:

  • Legends: Leaving a lasting impact
  • Innovators: Changing the way business events happen
  • Advocates: Standing up for the industry
  • Champions of Good: Helping to change the world through our industry
  • Rising Stars: Beginning to make an impact 
  • Planners Extraordinaire: Strategic planning at its best

Read the full story at