by Lisa A. Grimaldi | April 01, 2012

For the ninth consecutive year, M&C takes an in-depth look at the business of planning meetings, conventions, trade shows, incentive programs and other events outside the United States. Our survey of 126 meeting professionals, 83 of whom work for corporations and 43 for associations, reveals where U.S. groups met in 2011 and the top international destinations for both meetings and incentives this year and next year. Among other topics addressed: what planners look for when choosing international destinations, the types of events they plan, the types of suppliers and services they use, and much more.

TOP SPOTS: 2011Europe was the top international destination for U.S. groups last year, according to 60 percent of those polled. Canada was the second-most popular spot for international meetings, according to 54 percent of respondents, followed by Mexico with 40 percent. Rounding out the list were Asia (38 percent), followed by Caribbean/Bermuda (32 percent), Central/South America (26 percent), Australia/New Zealand (17 percent), Middle East (15 percent) and Africa (8 percent).


Past Travels chart

CURRENT PICKS: 2012 This year, Europe retains the top spot for meetings held outside the U.S., according to 59 percent of respondents, who will hold meetings there. The next most popular regions are Asia and Canada, each cited by 39 percent of those polled, followed by the Caribbean/Bermuda (30 percent), Central/South America (26 percent), Mexico (26 percent), Middle East (15 percent), Australia/New Zealand (12 percent) and Africa (2 percent). Two percent of respondents will not hold any international meetings in 2012.


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