by Jennifer Nicole Dienst | October 01, 2007

Root of the Earth basketMake good with wood.Knotty, rough-looking wood decor is gracing tables of the fashion-forward these days, and lucky for us, it’s as sustainable as it is stylish. Made from reclaimed Chinese fir, Viva Terra’s Root of the Earth baskets make stunning gifts or servers. Small basket (8" x 6.5"), $49; medium basket (13" x 9"), $79; large basket (16" x 10"), $95. (800) 233-6011;

SIGG Water BottleBottle stopper. Every day, Americans throw away an estimated 30 million water bottles. Instead of adding to the waste, give attendees reusable SIGG Swiss Engineered Water Bottles to tote during the event. A leakproof liner prevents chemicals from leaching into water. Available in more than 144 (and counting) designs, bottles can be customized with corporate logos. From $15 each. (713) 979-4687;

Solio chargerPower packed. Charge all, and yes, we mean all, of your gadgets with a single solar-powered charger. The hybrid Solio can charge through the sun or the socket, letting you power up your iPod or cell phone on the go. Interchangeable power tips are included to fit any device. Available in black, white, silver and pink. Cost, $99.95. (510) 868-8714;

Biodegradable pensWrite stuff. Finding biodegradable replacements for common plastic products is a big challenge. But this pen, made from Mater-Bi, a material derived from cornstarch, will disintegrate after just one year in the dump. The pen has only one non-green element: the blue ink. Cost: $1.99 each. (888) 633-5833;

Flora Spiral notebookTake note. These handcrafted Flora Spiral notebooks from See Jane Work are made from recycled paper and are a perfect gift for attendees to jot down notes in. Available in Allium Bee (orange), Pachysandra (eggplant), Feather Grass (black) and Hello Sunshine (yellow-green). Cost: $16 each. (877) 400-5263;

Jimi WalletBadge wrangler. Keep attendees from scrambling for IDs all day with the Jimi Wallet from Mr. Smith. These colorful translucent cases keep credit cards, badges, room keys and cash together in a sleek, slim case. Made from recycled polypropylene, the cases can be customized with logos. From $14.95. (415) 839-7502;

Reusable bagsHey, jute. Reusable bags made from eco-friendly jute in casual earth tones are a change of pace from run-of-the-mill plastic gift bags. The plant fiber material is completely recyclable and biodegradable. Custom embroidery and personalization available. Priced from $6. (917) 445-6610;