by Agatha Gilmore | July 01, 2011

Wayne Sotile, Ph.D.Wayne Sotile, Ph.D.
A Gumbo of Good Advice
A clinical psychologist who has received lifetime achievement awards from three medical associations, Louisiana native Wayne Sotile, Ph.D., spices up keynotes with his warm, unique brand of Cajun wit and wisdom. Sotile's topics of expertise include common administrative pitfalls and how to overcome them; improving problem solving and decision making; dealing with organizational change; establishing a culture of collaboration and collegiality within the medical workplace; and the secrets of effective emotional management.

Sotile wears multiple medical hats as the director of psychological services at the Wake Forest University Healthy Exercise and Lifestyles Program in Winston-Salem, N.C.; a special consultant in behavioral health to the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C.; and a clinical associate professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans.

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Karen FriedmanKaren Friedman
Working the Process
International communications expert Karen Friedman is an award-winning TV news veteran, best-selling author of Shut Up and Say Something: Business Communications Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners (Stage Coach Books), the 2011 Enterprising Woman of the Year, and was once tapped by Hillary Rodham Clinton to provide media and political training to South and Central American women. This Philadelphia resident's fortes include leadership communication, executive presence, presentation skills, media interviewing, crisis management and public perception.

Friedman has vast experience in coaching leaders and medical directors through the drug-approval process, as well as in working with patient and consumer advocates, sales and marketing representatives, medical liaisons, account directors and corporate executives. She has been speaking professionally for nearly 15 years and has been a key presenter at the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association's leadership conferences the past few years.

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John NanceJohn Nance
His Keynotes Take Wing
Who better than a decorated Air Force veteran to talk about the value of teamwork and overcoming obstacles -- especially those of the unforeseen variety? John Nance, a Dallas-raised, now West Coast-based former Vietnam and Desert Storm pilot, is an expert when it comes to collaboration, risk management, motivation, coping with competition, and responding to and overcoming human error -- a key skill in medical settings. He is also an advocate for applying the lessons learned from a recent revolution in aviation safety to the hospital system, with the aim of increasing safety among patients, doctors and nurses alike. As he puts it, "Everybody in health care is a highly trained, highly motivated professional working in a real-time high-pressure environment using very expensive implements and tools -- in an environment for which the penalties for failing, the penalties for making a mistake, are very great in both human and in monetary terms. Air force pilots do the same thing."

Nance is the author of Why Hospitals Should Fly (Second River Healthcare Press), which uses a fictional hospital to demonstrate the ideal health-care environment, was awarded the 2009 Book of the Year award by the American College of Healthcare Executives. Also a licensed attorney, he is a dynamic speaker and has appeared on national TV shows conversing with the likes of Larry King, Jim Lehrer and Oprah Winfrey.

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Connor CunneenConor Cunneen
The Gift of Gab
Though based in Naperville, Ill., Conor Cunneen retains the lilting Irish brogue and self-described "impish" sense of humor he developed in his native County Cork. Indeed, he calls his speaking style a combination of "business, blarney and BS -- for ‘brilliant stories'!"

A former marketing vice president of Unilever, Cunneen offers his "E4 Brand Promise" talk (the e's stand for energize, educate and entertain, while being easy to work with), along with keynotes such as "The Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior)" and "It's Only a Flesh Wound," where he reflects on and extrapolates lessons from his personal battle with prostate and thyroid cancer. "I entered Northwestern Memorial Hospital with pajamas bearing the Monty Python legend, ‘It's Just a Flesh Wound,' " Cunneen says of the motivation behind that speech. "I've been blessed with a great attitude, and I believe every cloud does have a silver lining."

Despite his playful demeanor, Cunneen is serious about health care, public speaking and the meetings industry, and he's a newly minted board member for the Chicago chapter of Meeting Professionals International.

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Christine CliffordChristine Clifford
A Survivor's Story
An innovative businesswoman who by age 40 had become senior executive vice president for a major merchandising and information services firm, Christine Clifford also is a cancer survivor and therapeutic-humor advocate. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994, Clifford experienced firsthand the importance of humor in overcoming obstacles and turned her pain into something that could help others -- starting her own company, The Cancer Club, which is now the world's largest producer of humorous products and tools for cancer patients, including such items as self-help books, DVDs, ribbon-shaped jewelry and "healing hats" (knit caps with pink stripes).

Called "one of the world's leading authorities on the use of therapeutic humor" by CNN Live, she is the author of numerous books on the topic and has been featured in publications such as American Health and More. Her areas of expertise include health and humor, client service and relationship building, overcoming and profiting from hardship, and employee engagement and motivation.

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