by Sarah J.F. Braley | December 01, 2012

Mark CooperThe International Association of Conference Centers welcomes 2013 as a new era, saying farewell to longtime executive director Tom Bolman, who retires at the end of this month after serving the group for 30 years. Taking the helm is newly hired CEO Mark Cooper.

"I was appointed recently to deliver against a clear set of ambitions," says Cooper. "We're an association that has been borne out of very successful beginnings in North America. We want to really spread our wings and prove our credentials as the only global entity representing facilities for small- to medium-size meetings."

Cooper also says the organization needs to realign itself to what meeting planners expect from member facilities. Where once traditional hotels did not design their meeting space with the attention to detail that IACC's members did, the lines have blurred over the years. "The differentiation is not facility-based anymore, but it's service levels," notes Cooper.