by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | September 09, 2019

Resort fees. Destination fees. Amenity fees. Whatever hotels call them, these daily charges that, often without clear notice, are levied on top of the daily room rate are an increasingly popular pricing tool for swelling profit margins beyond the base rate.

The fees can reach $45 or more per day for packages of services that include items such as daily bottled water, high-speed Internet access and even treats for guests' dogs. (For more, see "What Exactly Are These Charges?")
For many planners, attendees and regular civilians, however, they are a major source of frustration -- not to mention shock upon seeing the final bill. "Resort fees do not seem ethical or fair," says one corporate planner. Some states agree and are taking legal action.
Here's a closer look at these controversial charges, the current legal battle and what the future might hold.

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